Illustrations tracheostomy management

Various drawn illustrations about different types of tracheostomy management on dysphagia treatment for a medical publication.


A tracheostomy tube is a tube inserted through a surgical opening in the windpipe, also called a tracheostomy, to help a person breathe. The tracheostomy tube is inserted and maintained by a trained healthcare professional and allows the person to breathe and speak.

Tracheostomy tube management for dysphagia refers to the use of a tracheostomy tube in conjunction with a swallowing therapy program for individuals who have difficulty swallowing. Tracheostomy tube management for dysphagia is not a single solution, but is part of a comprehensive treatment plan that may include medications, adaptive aids, and other therapies.


For a medical publication on the subject of dysphagia, we created a series of drawn illustrations of different types of tracheostomy tubes, the use of which depends on the individual patient’s condition and the recommendation of the attending physician.

There are several types of tracheostomy tubes used for different purposes. The most common types include:

Balloon/cuff cannulas: These have an inflatable baloon around the tube that seals the trachea and prevents air leaks. They are typically used for patients who are mechanically ventilated or at high risk for aspiration.

Non-balloon cannulas: These do not have an inflatable balloon and are typically used for patients who are at lower risk of aspiration or who can breathe on their own.

Fenestrated cannulas: these cannulas have a small hole or “window” in the tubing through which a small amount of air passes through the vocal cords, allowing speech.

Cannulas with speaking valve: These have a built-in valve that facilitates speaking by redirecting exhaled air through the vocal cords.

Project details: 

Content: 8 drawn illustrations

Utilization: Scientific publication, Medical textbook

Specifications: DIN A5, portrait format

Client: Dr. Dziewas, Dr. Warnecke, Münster University Hospital

The rights of use of the images shown here belong to the client, use is not permitted. The images are protected with watermarks.

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Blocked tracheostomy tube

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Unblocked speaking valve and phonation port tracheal cannula