Illustration disorder pattern dysphagia

Drawn medical illustrations of dysfunctional swallowing.

Design of seven sequences of drawn, medical illustrations of disturbed swallowing processes in dysphagia in the style of laryngoscopic images. The different types of disturbance patterns allow conclusions to be drawn about the anatomical cause of the complaints and influence the following therapeutic measures accordingly.

Project details: 

Content: 7 sequences, 20 illustrations

Utilization: medical textbook, publication, lectures

Specifications: DIN A5

Client: University Hospital Münster – Dr. Dziewas + Dr. Warneck

The rights of use for the illustrations shown here lie with the client; use is not permitted. The images are protected with watermarks.

Delayed triggering of the swallowing reflex
Delayed triggering of the swallowing reflex
schluckstoerung leaking

 Picture series swallowing disorder “Leaking