Illustrations tennis elbow

3D illustrations of epicondylitis humeri radialis.

Design of illustrations on the causes and treatment of tennis elbow (epicondylitis humeri radialis). The causes can be an overstraining of the tendons or a permanent one-sided stress. This leads to minor injuries in the fibrous structure of the tendons, causing pain during movement, which can also radiate.

The illustration shows a human forearm extensor muscle and its tendon insertions humerus. A close-up view visualizes the damage in the tendon insertions. In addition, an illustration was designed to compare a healthy fibrous structure of a tendon with a damaged structure.

Project details: 

Content: four illustrations

Utilization: Website, social media, posters, folders, advertising and information material

Specifications: DIN A1 (9933*7016px)

Client: Masalo KG

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extensor muscles forearm
Extensor muscles of the forearm

Elbow with epicondylitis
Elbow with epicondylitis
healthy tendon structure compared to damaged structure
Illustration of a healthy fibrous structure of a tendon compared to a damaged structure.