Endobronchial laser therapy – Keyvisual

Surgery of a bronchial carcinoma using a laser fiber.

Design of an illustration for the treatment of a bronchial carcinoma using a laser. A rigid bronchoscope is inserted through the trachea to the position of the tumor in the bronchial tubes. A flexible bronchoscope is passed through this. The laser fiber then treats the tumor through its working channel. The surgeon controls the procedure using an optical system in the flexible bronchoscope and the light mounted next to it.

The main focus of the illustration is a sectional view of the bronchus with the tumor, the bronchoscope and the emitting laser fiber. The left part of the illustration shows an overview of the lung in the thorax and the approximate position of the rigid bronchoscope for easy thematic allocation of the procedure shown.

Project details: 

Content: 1 illustration

Utilization: Poster exhibition booth, folder, website

Specifications: DIN A1 (9933*7016px)

Client: Biolitec AG

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skizze laser behandelt bronchialkarzinom

Sketch to determine the position of the tumor in the bronchus and the bronchoscope.

Keyvisual bronchial carcinoma
Keyvisual bronchial carcinoma