Patient animation “menstruation”

Medical film on the topic "menstruation" and "heavy monthly bleeding" for patient education.

Multilingual patient films on the subject of menstruation. The films explain the anatomical background and the processes involved in menstruation and discuss possible complaints and their treatment. Languages/voiceovers German and English.

Project details:

Content: Multilingual medical film (german / english)

Utilization: Patient education on website, Youtube

Specifications: PAL, 720*576px

Client: Dimensional / – IQWIG

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.


Link to animation “Heavy periods” on Youtube (external link)

Link to animation “What happens during menstruation?” on Youtube (external link)

Screenshots animations:

beginning of menstruation
Beginning of menstruation
Average menstrual blood loss
Average menstrual blood loss
Myomas complaints menstruation
Myomas as a possible cause of complaints during menstruation
building uterine lining
Visualization of the building uterine lining
Detachment of the endometrium during menstruation
Detachment of the endometrium during menstruation
Patient education "menstruation"
Uterine mucous membrane