Stereoscopy examination - optician
Stereoscopy examination – optician

Design of a stereoscopic 3D animation to detect 3D vision problems in a patient. The animation is shown to the patient during an eye test on an autostereoscopic monitor (without 3D glasses). In the animation there are 4 objects whose spatial arrangement can be recognized by a patient with normal vision, but not by a patient with defective vision.

For the diagnosis of ametropia, the 4 objects must each have an exact parallax, i.e. a displacement of the objects between the left and right eye. Since this depends on the distance of the viewer from the monitor, different versions of the animation were created for different distances between the viewer and the monitor. The animation was computed as a top-bottom stereo animation and then converted from the playback device to the stereoscopic line grid prepared for the monitor.

Since the animation was to be played in a loop, objects had to be designed that fit the theme of “beach” and whose movement was conclusive/believable at the end of the sequence to return to the initial state (fluttering butterfly, movement of objects in the wind, etc.).

Project details: 

Content: Stereoscopic animation, 15 versions

Utilization: Stereoscopic eye examination by optician

Specifications: Full-HD, top-bottom

Client:  Deutsche Augenoptik AGDAO

The rights of use of the images shown here belong to the client, use is not permitted. The images are protected with watermarks.

animation test 3D vision 2 meter optician

Stereoscopic animation – 2 meters screen distance (image for left eye above, for right eye below).

  animation test 3D vision 4 meter optician

Stereoscopic animation – 4 meters screen distance (image for left eye above, for right eye below).