Animation imaging blood supply to muscle tissue

3D animation on the use of optoacoustic imaging to measure blood flow to muscle tissue.

Project description:

Design of a short animation about the use of optoacoustic imaging to measure blood flow in muscle tissue. In this imaging technique, near-infrared laser light pulses are beamed into the tissue, with a change in wavelengths allowing spectral analysis. Absorption of the light in the tissue releases ultrasound signals that are recorded and displayed as on a screen using software. This allows “live” muscle blood flow and oxygenation to be assessed.

The animation was created in 4K resolution and integrated by the customer into a larger trade fair film.

Project details:

Content: 1 animation – 0:45 minutes

Use: Congress, website

Specs: Resolution 4K

Client: iThera Medical

The rights of use of the images shown here belong to the client, use is not permitted. Images and video are protected with watermarks.

Screenshots 3D animation:

Assessment of perfusion of muscles with optoacoustic imaging
Probe optoacoustic imaging – muscle tissue
Ultrasound signals – optoacoustic imaging