Animation Congress of Surgery

3D animation about different application areas of laser fibers as part of an exhibition stand at a surgical congress.
Trade fair animation on the use of laser fibers in surgery

Project description:

Design of a 3D animation about the use of laser fibers in five different medical fields. The animation is used as an integral part of the company’s exhibition stand of the company “Biolitec” at medical congresses and trade fairs.

The animation was designed to match the aesthetics of the stand, with the emphasis on light on a black background. In terms of content, the five specialist areas (proctology, aesthetics, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery, percutaneous laser disc decompression) were visualized using a glass person and illustrations and animations were shown for the medical discipline. The laser fibers used in the respective specialty were at the center of the image.

The animation was created in UHD format to ensure high sharpness on the display at the trade fair stand. The 3D models of the fibers were designed based on construction plans and photos.

Project details Animation for a Congress of Surgery

Content: 1 animation

Use: Large screen on exhibition stand for medical congress

Specs: UHD, approx. 2:00 min. – DE + EN versions

Client: Biolitec AG

The rights of use of the images shown here are held by the client; use is not permitted. Images and video are protected by watermarks. Photos and design of exhibition stand by Meraum.

Animation laser fibers – surgery congress
3D model of laser fiber (gas-liquid-cooled)
Booth surgery congress – Biolitec AG