Animation wound dressing RespoSorb

3D animation of the structure of an absorbent dressing for wound care and visualization of the different layers.

Usage rights : Paul Hartmann
Music: Kevin McLeod – As I figure – License: Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0)

Design of an animation sequence to illustrate the composition of an absorbent dressing pad for wound care by Paul Hartmann AG.

In the first part of the animation, the individual layers of the wound dressing are separated in a kind of “exploded view” to illustrate the structure. The following layers are shown: protective sheet, silicone wound contact layer and border, hydrophilic nonwoven, absorbent core (diffusion layer, SAP + cellulose combination), green hydrophobic backing, semi permeable backing film.

In the second part of the animation, the camera moves into a close-up sectional view of the wound dressing and exudate entering through the holes of the silicone wound contact layer is deposited in the SAP of the core of the wound dressing and leads to an expansion of the entire wound dressing.

Content: 1 animation

Utilization: PowerPoint

Specifications: Full-HD (1920*1080px, no audio)

Client: Paul Hartmann AG

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients. The images are protected with a watermark – use is prohibited.

Screenshots animation RespoSorb:

wundauflage schichten resposorp
Layers of wound dressing RespoSorb
schnittansicht schichten wundauflage resposorb
Sectional view in closeup of layers of wound dressing
Wound dressing RespoSorb
Wound dressing RespoSorb