Illustrations wounds

Design of 8 drawn illustrations of different types of wounds for wound care products.

Illustrations of wounds caused by different indications. Wounds on foot caused by diabetes. Illustration of tissue damage due to bed-rest (decubitus). Lower leg wounds due to venous insufficiency (venous leg ulcer), arterial occlusion (PAOD) and chronic wound. The customer uses the illustrations to show the individual care of various types of wounds.

Project details: 

Content: 8 illustrations

Utilization: website / print

Specifications: A5, 300dpi

Client: Recucare

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with our client. The images are protected with a watermark.

ulcus cruris venosum
Arterial occlusion (PAOD)
Ulcus cruris venosum
Ulcus cruris venosum
chronische wunde
Chronic wound
diabetisches fusssyndrom hornhaut
Diabetic foot syndrome
diabetisches fusssyndrom
Diabetic foot syndrome
dekubitus ruecken
Bedsore back
primaernaht oberschenkel
Wound Closure
diabetisches fusssyndrom wunde
Diabetic foot syndrome wound
diabetisches fusssyndrom wunde
From sketch to the finished drawn illustration