Illustration ablation myocardium via laser

Illustration on treatment of atrial fibrillation.

The normal rhythm of the heart is maintained by electrical signals generated in the sinus node. However, due to various factors, signals can also be generated in the myocardial tissue, causing irregular function of the atria (atrial fibrillation).

The illustration shows an ablation via laser fibre of the myocardial tissue around the junctions of the pulmonary vein. For this purpose, a laser fiber is passed into the right atrium via the vena cava, penetrates the wall to the left atrium, and treats the regions around the entry point of the pulmonary veins. By obliterating the tissue, the transmission of electrical impulses to the heart is blocked and the signals can thus no longer interfere with the normal heart rhythm.

The illustration shows the process of ablation in the lower pulmonary vein, while the upper pulmonary vein has already been treated and faulty signals can no longer interfere with the normal cardiac rhythm.

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Ablation myocardium in the left atrium
Ablation myocardium in the left atrium