Illustration wrist osteoarthritis

Illustrations of the four stages of osteoarthritis of the wrist.

Design illustrations of the different stages of wrist osteoarthritis. In wrist arthrosis, the joint surfaces between the ulna, radius, os scaphoideum , os lunatum, os triquetrium are affected. Here, the articular cartilage is increasingly damaged and can no longer perform its protective and damping function in the joint. In the further progression, the surrounding bone of the joint also changes (osteophytes) and the joint space is reduced, with the result that the joint is finally destroyed.

Project details: 

Content: 5 illustrations

Utilization: Patient information (website, social media and print)

Specifications: Landscape format DIN A3 / 300dpi (4961×3508 pixel)

Client: BORT GmbH

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healthy skeleton joints hand

Illustration of the skeleton of the hand with focus on the joint surfaces

wrist osteoarthritis stage 1

Wrist arthrosis stage 1 (beginning arthrosis, thickening and change of the joint cartilage)

wrist osteoarthritis stage 2

Wrist arthrosis stage 2 (damage to the articular cartilage, osteophyte formation)

wrist osteoarthritis stage 3

Wrist arthrosis stage 3 (increased osteophyte formation, visible cartilage damage, narrowing of the joint space)

wrist osteoarthritis stage 4

Wrist arthrosis stage 4 (cartilage loss down to the bone, joint space almost eliminated)

Wrist osteoarthritis - Stage 4
Wrist osteoarthritis – Stage 4