Detection of breast cancer by optoacoustic imaging
Detection of breast cancer by optoacoustic imaging

Short 3D animation for use on the home page of the manufacturer which condenses the technology and medical applications of optoacoustic imaging. The focus of this 3D animation was not on a detailed, content-related presentation of the processes, but on the vivid and appealing visualization of the topic.

Project details: 

Content: 1 animation

Utilization: Homepage iThera Medical

Specifications: Length 0:35 min – Full-HD

Client:  iThera Medical

The rights of use for the illustrations shown here lie with the client; use is not permitted. The images are protected with watermarks.

op anleitung gynaekologie freigabe

Optoacoustic imaging: A laser in the ultrasound probe emits light energy

op anleitung gynaekologie verriegeln

Conversion of the light energy of the laser in the tissue into sound waves and detection by ultrasound

sakrospinales bandverankerungssystem beckenbodenprolaps oben

Optoacoustic imaging in the monitoring of chronic bowel disease.

 optoakustische bildgebung patient

Key features optoacoustic imaging – patient