Cover illustration treatment prostate carcinoma

Cover illustration of a transperineal laser fiber surgery for the treatment of protocarcinoma.

Design of an illustration for the cover of a booklet on transperineal medical procedures via laser fiber for the treatment of prostate cancer. The illustration consists of two part illustrations. One part shows a prostate in sagittal section with a tumor in the dorsal part of the prostate. In a magnifying glass view, a laser fiber is transperineally introduced with a needle and treats the prostate carcinoma.

Project description illustration treatment prostate carcinoma:

Content: 1 illustration

Utilization: Brochure, exhibition stand, website, social media

Specifications: Size 7000*9300 pixel

Client: Financial Relations

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Transperineal treatment by laser prostate carcinoma
Transperineal treatment by laser prostate carcinoma
protatakrebs op skizzen
Sketches to coordinate the content and the structure of the illustration