Illustrations DRG stimulation

Illustrations for a publication on various medical interventions to stimulate the spinal ganglion for pain therapy.

Design of illustrations for Dr. Björn Carsten Schultheis on four different surgical procedures to insert an electrode to stimulate the spinal ganglion or a spinal nerve. Here electrodes are applied to the ganglion or the spinal nerve. After a test phase, a pacemaker is connected to the electrode, which can be controlled via an external device and can thus result in pain relief.

The illustration of the open DRG (dorsal root ganglion stimulation) shows the position of the electrode on the ganglion and the relief loops inside the spinal canal. Here the cable of the electrode is additionally fixed to scar tissue. For better visibility, the transverse, joint and spinous process have been removed in the illustration.

In the “Transforaminal outside-in” method, the electrode is placed on the outside of the ganglion using a tool. Relief loops are medial to a muscle layer, further loops posterior.

The procedure for spinal nerve stimulation is similar to the procedure transforaminal inside-out. However, the loops are placed here on a fascia layer and the electrode is positioned on the spinal nerve.

The illustration “Transforaminal S1-S4” shows an intervention like “transforaminal inside-out”, but here the pain region is the sacrum (sacrum). In addition, relief loops are positioned in nerve foramen.

For the last three types of surgery, the end result after the procedure and the access during the procedure were illustrated. The illustrations for the interventions were shown on a patient with a previous stiffening operation (spondylodesis).

Project details: 

Content: 7 illustration

Utilization: scientific publication, lectures

Specifications: A5 – 300 dpi (2480*1748px)

Client: Abbott / Dr. Björn Carsten Schultheis

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with our customer. The images are protected with a watermark.

spinalnervenstimulation zugang
Access during an intervention to install an electrode for spinal nerve stimulation
transforaminal s1
Sagittal section through a sacrum with an installed electrode – “Transforaminal S1”
transforaminal inside out
Result after an operation “transforaminal outside-in”
rohskizze offene drg
Sketch by the doctor to explain the procedure for “DRG stimulation”
skizze offene drg
Sketch by MedicalGraphics to coordinate the structure of the illustration “DRG stimulation”
korrektur sacrum sagittal zugang
Coordination of a correction of the access for transforaminal sacrum S1
Illustrations DRG stimulation
Illustrations DRG stimulation