Illustration methods hemispherectomy

Design of an illustration showing different surgical methods used in a hemispherectomy.


A hemispherectomy is a neurosurgical procedure in which one of the two hemispheres of the brain is removed. It is an extreme form of brain surgery performed in certain cases of severe neurological disease in which the functions of one hemisphere of the brain are severely impaired. Hemispherectomy is usually used in patients with severe epileptic seizures where other treatment options are not available.

In a functional hemispherectomy, the hemisphere is only functionally disconnected from the rest of the brain.

Project description:

For a publication by Dr. Alexandra Klotz of the University Hospital Freiburg, we created a graphic that shows the brain areas to be removed in a hemispherectomy, or a functional hemispherectomy. Dr. Klotz distinguished between “resective approach”, “disconnective approach” and “combined approaches” and referred to various publications.

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Surgical techniques hemispherectomy
Surgical techniques hemispherectomy