FAQ animation projects

Are you interested in a medical animation? In order to best assess your request, we have compiled a list below of the information we frequently require about a planned animation.

Not all questions need to be answered in advance, but the more information we have, the more accurate our estimate can be.


What is the content of the planned animation? Is there already a description of a possible storyline? What is the length of the animation? Who is the target audience?

Info Material

Is there any visual and informational material that can help in understanding the planned animation? Are there, for example, pictures of the thematized therapy, the shown tools or devices? Are there perhaps even CAD data of the devices available?


What style or look do you have in mind for your animation? This can be difficult to verbalize precisely. We often use exemplary animations or illustrations that reflect the intended style and serve as orientation.

Narrator or subtitles

Often, complex issues cannot be conveyed in the context of an animation without further explanations. Should subtitles, captions in the animation or voice overs be used?


How many versions of the animation are needed? Here, versions in different languages are a factor, but also variants of the animation – e.g. for different target groups or different product types.

File formats and resolution

In which resolution should the animation be created (e.g. Full-HD)? In which file formats should the final movies be delivered?

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