Illustration pap smear cervix

Illustration of a Pap smear in sectional view and a histological section of the cells of the of the cervix.

Design of an illustration for a Pap smear. Illustration of the uterus in a sectional view. Using a small brush (cervix brush), cell material is taken from the cervix and cervical canal in order to subsequently examine the sample for tissue changes. A histological section of the cervix is shown in a detailed illustration.

Projekt details:

Content: Illustration Uterus with cervix brush and detail illustration of a histological image of the cervix.

Utilization: Online + print

Specifications: 2500 * 2500 pixel

Client: Qiagen

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.

Pap smear cervix and transformation zone
Pap smear cervix and transformation zone