Illustration varicose veins

Illustrations on the anatomical changes of veins and venous valves in varicose (varices). Visualization of the insufficiency of the venous valves with blood reflux.

Varicose veins (varices) are knotty dilated veins. Due to the dilatation, the valves in the veins no longer close and can no longer prevent the backflow of blood.

The illustration shows a structural change of the vein and the venous valves in varicose veins (varices). A healthy vein is shown in the left part of the illustration. Venous blood presses open the venous valves and returns to the heart. In diastole, the pressure of the blood decreases. Following gravity, the blood in the vein now sinks against the actual direction of flow. In the process, the venous valves are now closed and further backflow is prevented. The right figure shows a varicose vein with weak valves. The vein is nodularly dilated. Due to the dilatation, the venous valves can no longer close in diastole and a backflow of blood cannot be prevented.

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Content: Illustration of a leg with varices. Comparison of a healthy vein with venules and varices.

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Varicose veins
Varicose veins