Medical animation “Explanatory movie anesthesia”

3D Animation to inform patients before a surgery about anesthesia/p>

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Music: Kevin McLeod – Impact prelude – License: Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0)

The Hirslanden AG is a hospital group in Switzerland consisting of 14 hospitals with more than 7,000 employees. For the information of their patients before surgery, the hospital group was planning the use of patient films to explain the topic of anesthesia. In collaboration with Snap Film AG we created an explanatory film, which showed the common techniques used during anesthesia, as well as the possible risks.

The film was selected to be a mixture of live action shots, which were filmed by Snap Film in the Hirslanden clinics, and a 3D animation. An important objective in the production was a comprehensive patient information, espacially about possible risks associated with any anesthesia, but without frightening him.

For the presentation of the different ventilation techniques 3D animations were created which showed the use of a laryngeal mask and intubation. For this purpose the used tools were modelled an an appealing “look” for the presentation needed to be found.

With the development of the storyboard for this production it soon became clear that in addition to 3D animation and live action another way of conveying information wee needed. To accompany the patient information visually we used various picture symbols and icons.

Content and timing of the 3D sequences and the usage of explanatory icons were fine-tuned using preview animations. Medical inconsistencies could be quickly detected and removed with the participation of an anesthesiologist of Hirslanden-Group.

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