Illustration acne

Illustrations of the characteristics of the skin diseases acne vulgaris and acne conglobata in a drawn style.

Illustrations of the characteristics of two acne diseases in a patient.

The illustration of acne vulgaris shows the upper body of a patient in profile. Blackheads, pimples, papules and pustules can be seen on the face and neck.

In comparison, the illustration of acne conglobata shows the upper body of a patient from behind. The large abscesses characteristic for the skin disease can be seen in the upper part of the back.

The client did not want the illustrations to look too realistic, which is why we opted for a painted style.

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Project details: 

Content: 2 illustrations

Utilization: Website, Print

Specifications: A4

Client: ecucare GmbH

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with our customer. The images are protected with a watermark.

akne conglobata

Illustration Acne Conglobata

Illustration Acne vulgaris
Illustration Acne vulgaris

Painting process (screncast):

Timelapse-video painting illustration “acne vulgaris”

Timelapse-video painting illustration “acne conglobata”