Biopsy Prostate

The patient information films are intended to inform prostate cancer patients about the causes, diagnosis and treatment options for prostate cancer. In order to focus more specifically on the patient’s individual situation, a film on “Local Prostate Cancer” and a film on “Metastatic Prostate Cancer” were produced. In both films, the various diagnostic procedures (ultrasound, biopsy, MRT, CT, scintigraphy) were shown, after an initial explanation of the disease. In the following, the possible therapies (monitoring, removal of the prostate, hormone therapy, brachytherapy, percutaneous radiotherapy) were described and side effects and risks were discussed.

Content: 2D information films for patients – Length ~15 minutes and 12 minutes

Utilization: Patient information for internet and doctor-patient conversation

Specifications: 1920*1080 Pixel

Client: Brandpepper/Janssen Cilag

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.