Design of 6 illustrations for a medical book on the treatment of dysphagia by Dr. Dziewas and Dr. Warnecke. The illustrations show different arrangements of a laryngoscopic examination, which is chosen depending on the patient's condition and the intended purpose of the examination.


Project details: 

Content: 6 illustrations

Utilization: Medical reference book

Specifications: DIN A5

Client: University Hospital Münster - Dr. Dziewas + Dr. Warnecke

The rights of use for the illustrations shown here lie with the client; use is not permitted. The images are protected with watermarks.



  laryngoscopy biofeedback sitting patient

Examination of biofeedback in a seated patient



laryngoscopy uncooperative patient

Examination of uncooperative patient



 laryngoscopy lying patient

Examination lying patient


laryngoscopy outpatient

Outpatient examination sitting patient


endoscopy tracheostoma intensive care

Insertion of the endoscope through the tracheostoma in intensive care patients to check whether the cranial and caudal airways are clear


communication pose examination biofeedback lying

Coordination of the arrangement and the pose and the camera perspective by using 3D draft


sketch line drawing pose examination biofeedback lying

Sketch of the arrangement of the examination "Biofeedback lying patient"


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