3D animations and illustrations “Wound treatment Paul Hartmann AG”-

Animations of mode of action of hydrotherapy wound dressings for healthcare professionals.

The Paul Hartmann AG, headquartered in Heidenheim, is one of Germany’s oldest industrial enterprises with more than 10,000 employees. Hartmann develops and manufactures medical and healthcare products for the international market, especially in the area of ​​wound care (bandages, plasters, wound dressings). To explain the mode of action of their dressings from their Hydrotherapy product line to healthcare professionals, various illustrations and animations of different wound dressings should be created.

 In their Hydrotherapy product line wounds are cleaned with the help of special, humid patches to speed up the healing. To explain why a moist wound pad speeds up the healing of a weeping wound, Medical Graphics developed in cooperation with the team of McCann Enterprise illustrations and 3D animations covering the HYDROclean, HydroTac, HydroTac transparent. Additionally, the use of superabsorbent polymers (SAP)skizzen-hydrotac was illuminated in an animation and wound dressings of Hydrotherapy Line were compared with silver-containing wound dressings.

In the first phase of the production a number of sketches were made, which should explain quite complicated physical processes in the patch and serve as a basis for the later illustrations. The most HydroClean-ringers-solution-exsudate-nekrosis-sapimportant aspect was to condense the image content on the core elements to obtain a vivid and clear statement.

SAP in HydroClean - ringers-solution, exsudate, nekrosis
SAP in HydroClean – ringers-solution, exsudate, nekrosis

One of the major design points in the production was the appearance of the wound in a sectional view. Depending on the wound type different wound dressings are used, so a clear presentation was very important to show the relations . Since the art direction of McCann envisioned a realistic and vivid style, the look had to be highly realistic, but not daunting. To have more control over the outcome, we worked with many different layers and masks, so final image with it´s elements could be manipulated in the post-production.

SAP superabsorbent polymers
SAP – superabsorbent polymers

Detailed storyboards for any 3D animations were created and were used to communicate the planned content with the customer in a very aeryl stage. Since the planned realistic style led to significant render times, it was particularly important in this project to coordinate the timing and content before the final rendering of the film. In addition to creating preview animations with a very rough look, the entire film was created in low resolution with the final voice recordings. With this, the customer was able to evaluate the nearly final film in this stage. In the last step only some minor adjustments were necessary for the rendering of the final 1080p images.

The films were created in German, English and French (voice recordings and subtitles).

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Wound-dressing HydroTac
Wound-dressing HydroTac