Medical illustration and animation company

We are a media company based in Cologne (Germany) specialized in creating high-end medical visualizations for illustration, interactive applications and animations / film. Years of experience working for clients like Bayer Healthcare, AstraZeneca, Janssen-Cilag, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Sanofi Aventis, Daiichi Sankyo, Roche, Wyeth Pharma, Pentax Life Care, Publicis and various hospitals and doctors etc. make us an excellent partner for your productions.

Medical illustrations and graphics

We create medical illustrations of organs, anatomical structures, medical products, medical devices or of intracellular processes. This medical graphics are used in areas like: patient information, scientific publications, printed material, medical lectures, medical portals. => More in the section "medical illustration"

Medical animations and films

Another focus is the creation of animations and films for medical congresses, TV, medical training, Youtube, field staff education, medical lectures, health care portals etc. The possibilities range from a simple explanatory film to a complex mode-of-action film. Use our Demovideo to get a quick overview of the possibilities.=> More in our section "medical animation"

Medizinische Apps

We design graphical content for medical apps used in e-learning, as a navigation element on websites, to assist the field staff or the doctor's patient interview, E-detailing etc. Medical apps can be used on such diverse platforms as web browsers, desktopsystems such as PC, macOS or mobile devices such as IOS or Android. => More in our section "medical apps".



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Our new showreel is now online. It was made to get a quick, general idea of our abilities. We present selected medical 3D animations and films ranging from anatomy, surgery, dentistry, mode-of-action, medical product animations, e-learning, apps to medical technology.



creative commons menschliche zelleFree Medical Illustrations

In our section "free pictures" we have published further medical and anatomical pictures and illustrations. These are also published under a "Creative Commons license", which means that the graphics can also be used free of charge in commercial projects. The new images show motifs from the areas of cardiac anatomy, coronary arteries, the human muscular system, anatomy of the head, kidney structure, structures of the human cells and dental illustration (tooth types, tooth structure, etc.).

The illustrations shown in our "free pictures" category are published under the Creative Commons License "Attribution-No Derivative Works". They are free to use under special conditions (even for commercial purposes), look here to get more informations or read the "Terms of Use" described in the free pictures section. If you need further rights of use, you can purchase the images via link in the description below the illustrations.



creative commons menschliche zelleFree illustrations of corona viruses

In our "free pictures" section you will now find a series of illustrations of the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) which is responsible for the current COVID-19 pandemic. These illustrations, like all the pictures in the section, can also be used commercially free of charge under a "Creative Commons License". In this case we offer the illustrations of the virus in high image resolution (HD).

Please note the terms of use mentioned. If you have any questions, please contact us.



kaufen medizinische bilderPurchase medical images:

  As an additional service, we now offer our medical illustrations and anatomical graphics shown in the category "Free Pictures" for sale. You can use the external service provider "" to acquire a license for the respective images if the image (e.g. if the image resolution offered is not sufficient for you or if you require further rights of use for the images).

In the description of the pictures you will find a direct link to the purchase at Gumroad or visit our Gumroad-Shop.

Detailed descriptions of projects

Medical product video "3d animation blood glucose meter"

05 Sep 2015

We created for a renowned manufacturer of diabetes diagnostic devices, some 3D animation of their latest blood glucose meters. These films should be shown at...

Anatomical 3D models in web browser

02 Jan 2017

This article describes two more tools to present anatomical 3D models via webGL in the normal web browser. WebGL makes this possible any additional plugins.

Medical illustrations "Dental Implants"

05 Jul 2015

To introduce a company founded specifically for the Chinese market, extensive medical illustrations covering "Dental Implants" were required. These...

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