Video concussion

3D animation for a patient information film about the early detection of concussion.

Rights of use image material: Hannelore Kohl Stiftung
Music: Kevin McLeod – Impact prelude – License: Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0)

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Project details animation concussion:

Content: Various 3D sequences – length approx. 2 minutes

Utilization: Lectures, congresses, internet

Specifications: Full HD – Resolution 1920*1080 Pixel – Length: 1:20 minutes

Client: Hannelore Kohl Stiftung

A concussion, also known as mild traumatic brain injury, is a form of head injury caused by a sudden concussion or trauma to the head. Typically, a concussion occurs due to a direct blow or fall to the head – sports accidents, car accidents, falls and blows to the head are common triggers. In mild injuries, the resulting symptoms often heal on their own after a period of rest. Depending on the severity, however, serious damage can occur that can even lead to death.

For the Hannelore Kohl Foundation, we created various 3D sequences that explained the anatomical processes involved in a concussion. These were used in the context of a live film with game scenes and interviews, which provided information about the risks of a concussion, or a craniocerebral trauma.

Screenshots animation concussion:

Brain damage – concussion
Nerve impulse neurons
Nerve impulse neurons
Shear movements between gray neurons and "substantia alba" as cause of concussion
Shear movements between gray neurons and “substantia alba” as cause of concussion
Nerve cells in the brain
Nerve cells in the brain