Design of illustrations of different proteins based on structural data of the "Protein Databank". The underlying idea was to get ahead of the conventional rather technical representation (surface model, ribbon model, etc.) of the proteins and to create appealing and impressive illustrations of the structures that have a high recognition value. When developing the "look" of the illustrations, we had a candy look in mind, i.e., a colorful design that is reminiscent of candy and has a positive connotation. The illustrations were designed in two versions: the first version shows the protein on a dark background that indicates the intracellular environment and emphasizes the colors and structures. The second version shows the protein on a neutral white background for optimal integration, for example, in the context of a printed text.

The illustrations can be downloaded and used free of charge under a Creative Commons license in our "Free Illustrations" section. At the same time, the images can be purchased from the "Gumroad" store in high resolution and with extended usage rights. If you purchase a "Print License", you will also receive a version of the illustration with a transparent background.

Link to the proteins in the "Free Illustrations" section of our website.

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Project details: 

Content: 21 illustrations

Utilization: free illustrations, Gumroad, Stock Photo

Specifications: DIN A3 / 300dpi (4961x3508 pixel)

Client: MedicalGraphics

The rights of use for the illustrations shown here lie with the client; use is not permitted. The images are protected with watermarks. If you are interested in the illustrations, please use the versions of the images in the rubric "Free Illustrations" under the terms of use mentioned there or acquire a license via Gumroad.


ampa receptor dark

AMPA Receptor



 hemoglobin dark background



t zell receptor

T cell receptor


interferon beta dunkler hintergrund

Interferon Beta


sars cov2 spike protein

SARS-COV-2 Spike Protein


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