Workflow medical illustration

An illustration project usually goes through several phases before it is completed. Not every project has to go through all phases – for other projects, further intermediate steps can be useful.

1. Content elaboration

In this phase, the content of the illustration(s) is precisely defined. Ideally, this is done visually, but can also be done in text form. In general, all necessary information and materials (CAD models, templates, CG information, etc.) should be collected in this phase. Also external illustrations that define the content are often very helpful.


2. Sketches

In the case of more complex illustrations, it can be useful, especially if these are to convey anatomical processes or similar, to clarify these in advance with the help of sketches. These sketches are created by us on the basis of the content elaboration and can already be used before the actual implementation, e.g. to receive feedback from a consulting physician.

skizze behandelung bronchialkarzinom

3. Draft

Building on the previous steps, this phase involves designing drafts of the illustration. This is usually not yet done in the full image resolution and may include several variants that follow different approaches. Depending on the complexity of the task, it is necessary to create and fine-tune a number of drafts. Usually we include two correction phases in our offers.

anterion keyvisual entwurf

4. Finishing the illustration

After a draft has met with general approval, the design of the finished illustration now takes place. This is now calculated or drawn in the agreed image resolution and then made available to the client.

Keyvisual Anterion
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