glucose meter

We created for a renowned manufacturer of diabetes diagnostic devices, some 3D animation of their latest blood glucose meters. These films should be shown at exhibitions and conferences on big-screen monitors, but should also be used by sales representatives on IPADs. Due to the different requirements, varying concepts were designed and implemented.

The focus of the films was mainly on the visual expression of the inner processes of the device and test strips. storyboard-diabetesOf particular importance was the interaction between a specific enzyme and a mediator on the test strip, which allows a particular measurement accuracy.

With the use of rhythm and timing a harmonious overall impression should be created in the cinematic presentation of the devices. A major step was the development of a clear, high-tech imagery to represent diabetes-meter-Mediatorthe electrical and biochemical processes. The interior of the measuring strip and the meter were presented as high-tech laboratory. To illustrate the operation of the enzyme and the emitter, a clear mechanical representation was chosen.

The movie content was developed through a detailed storyboard and agreed with the customer. In the production process Preview renderings were used to tune the content and timing of the animation.

Since the aspect ratios of IPAD (4:3) and HD-TV (16:9) are different, an own film versions were rendered for each medium. In addition to different language versions, adjustments for some countries were needed (test results are not in mg / dL but in mol etc.).

Furthermore, a special portrait version in full HD was created for an exhibition stand, for which the entire camera work had to be changed.

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