Animation wound dressing HydroTac – Paul Hartmann AG

Illustrations and animation on the structure and function of the HydroTac wound dressing in the wound care.

Usage rights: Paul Hartmann AG
Music: Kevin McLeod – Impact prelude – License: Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0)

Design of three illustrations for use in print and on the Internet and a 3D animation for use on website and social media.

Three illustrations show how the HydroTac wound dressing works in wound care. In the first illustration, a wound is shown in a sectional view with HydroTac on top. Here, exudate from the wound is deposited in the wound dressing. In the second image, Ringer’s solution is delivered to the wound for moisturization. In the third image, growth factors are deposited on the wound dressing, thus accelerating wound healing.

Further information can be found in an article about 3D animations Wundmanagement Paul Hartmann AG.

Project details:

Content: 3D Animation – Length 3:00 minutes. Languages: German, English, French.

Utilization: Website, Youtube, medical congresses, medical fairs, symposia

Specifications: Video: Full HD resolution 1920*1080 px – Illustrations: 4000*3000 px.

Client: McCann / Paul Hartmann AG

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.


Sketches wound dressing Hydrotac
Sketches wound dressing Hydrotac
HydroTac MOA
Wound Dressing HydroTac
Storage of exudate in wound dressing HydroTac
Storage of exudate in wound dressing HydroTac
Dispensing Ringer's solution HydroTac
Dispensing Ringer’s solution HydroTac
Accumulation of growth factors on HydroTac
Accumulation of growth factors on HydroTac
Storyboard HydroTac