Illustration removal kidney stones with laser fiber

Illustrations of laser lithotripsy - the removal of nephroliths (kidney stones) using a laser fiber.

Design of an illustration for the removal of kidney stones using a laser fiber.

This treatment for kidney stones is called endoscopic laser lithotripsy and is a minimally invasive procedure to destroy and remove kidney stones. Removal of kidney stones is necessary when they are too large to be eliminated naturally, or when they cause pain, infection, or urinary retention.

The illustration shows the procedure in a sectional view of the kidney, detailed view kidney stone with treatment by laser fiber. A large kidney stone can be seen in the renal pelvis. A thin, flexible endoscope was inserted through the ureter. The laser fiber protrudes from the endoscope and uses high-energy light to break up and/or vaporize the kidney stone into tiny fragments. The process is shown in more detail in a magnification window.

Project details:

Content: Illustration with close up of kidney stone removal

Utilization: Brochures, flyers, detailing, website, powerpoint, online, print

Specifications: 9300 * 7000 pixel

Client: Biolitec AG

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Kidney stone removal