Illustration urine production

Medical illustrations on Diuresis - excretion of urine in the kidney.

Design of an illustration consisting of three sub-illustrations on diuresis, i.e. urine excretion by the kidney. One of the illustrations shows a bladder in frontal section with urine. Another illustration shows the general anatomical structure of the kidney. Another detailed view focuses on the tubule system of the kidney, where the primary urine is concentrated to form the actual urine (final or secondary urine).

Project details:

Content: Illustration Urinary bladder and kidney in sectional view, anatomy of the kidney.

Utilization: Brochures, detailing, website, powerpoint, online, print

Specifications: 2480 * 1748 pixel

Client: InventiveHealth

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.

Illustrationen Diuresis