Blood vessels brain

3D animations to simulate different stroke scenarios in one application in the form of 360 degree Quicktime VR object sequences.

3D animations for use in an application in the form of 360 degree Quicktime VR object sequences. Within the application, different stroke scenarios could be simulated: Depending on the cerebral vessel and the position of the occlusion, different regions of the brain are affected by the stroke – each with different symptoms and consequences for the patient. Visualized were occlusions at the following cerebral arteries: Basilar artery, Carotid artery A. Cerebelli posterior, A. Cerebelli superior, A. Cerebri anterior, A. Cerebri posterior, Arteriae centrales anterolaterales, A. Media prox, A. Media truncus inferior, A. Media truncus superior, Rami ad pontem, A. Ophthalmica, A. Vertebralis

Quickime VR sequences allowed interactive and three-dimensional visualization of cerebral vascular anatomy and simulation of infarct areas.

Project details:

Content: 3d modelling vessels and brain structure

Utilization: usage in different medical animations about physiological effects of stroke.

Technical specifications: –

Client: nda

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Cerebral arteries
Blood vessels brain
Blood vessels brain (Original size Quicktime VR sequence – 2001)