Illustration print-ad “Ovum”

Project description of different illustrations of an ovum for a print campaign for Wyeth Pharma.

Wyeth Pharma is one of the top ten pharmaceutic companies world wide and is working mainly in research, development and distribution of pharmaceutical products. Since 2009 Wyeth Pharma is part of Pfizer Inc.
As part of a planned print campaign for Wyeth Pharma, in cooperation with DraftFCB MedicalGraphics created different illustrations of an ovum. One of the main requirements was a realistic but artistic appealing illustration of an ovum in different degrees of maturity.


After detailed research the desired style of the illustrations was defined by some rough sketches and some reference material. Three stages of maturity were of special interest, so three illustrations were to be designed. In the next step MedicalGraphics created 3D models of the different degrees of maturity.


Lighting and material creation took a good time of the production to achieve exactly the look that was desired. The illustrations were rendered in a 3d software, the background was a photo made though a microscope, which was adapted to the renderings.

Finally the single components were brought together in image editing software, optimized and finished.

The rights of use for the illustrations shown here lie with the client; use is not permitted. The images are protected with watermarks.