Stereoscopic illustration eye

Design of illustrations on the anatomy of the human eye for use on stereoscopic 3D monitors.

Project description:

Design of stereoscopic 3D illustrations of the anatomy of the human eye. Visualization of the position of the eye in the skull with surrounding structures such as muscle layers, fatty tissue and blood vessels. Various illustrations of the muscles of the eye and images of the retina and its vessels, the lens, the ciliary muscles and the optic nerve.

The illustrations were designed for use on stereoscopic 3D monitors and used at the customer’s trade fair stand. Another application is the integration into the customer’s software – so that the optician using this software can explain basic anatomical information to the patient using the illustrations. The images were created in side-by-side format separately for the left and right eye in 4K resolution.

Project details stereoscopic anatomy eye

Content: 10 illustrations

Use: Stereoskopischer 3D Monitor für Messen und Patienteninformation beim Optiker

Specs: 4K, side-by-side,

Client: DAO

The rights of use of the images shown here are held by the client; use is not permitted. Images and video are protected by watermarks.

Human eye in stereoscopic side-by-side format
Position of the eye in the head (saggital section)
Retina in anterior view
Anatomy of the eye – anaglyph stereoscopy (red-cyan)
Anatomy Eye with muscle and retina (anaglyph 3D)