Grafic sleep apnea

Graphic for a scientific publication on the risk factors, pathophysiology and treatment options of sleep apnea.

Creation of a graphic for the scientific publication “Efficacy of pharmacotherapy for OSA in adults: a systematic review and network meta-analysis” by Dr. med. Thomas Gaisl (University Hospital Zurich) on the risk factors, possible pathophysiological causes and the treatment options available.

Project description:

Content: 1 illustrations

Utilization: Scientific publication

Specifications: 2D vector illustrations

ClientDr. med. Thomas Gaisl  – University Hospital Zurich

Realization of the project in cooperation with Grafik Werkstatt Wuppertal / Yvonne Grabowski.

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients. The images are protected with a watermark.

Sleep apnea
Sleep apnea