Illustrations nutrition

Illustrations of various types of food such as fish, fast food, fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, bread etc., for a brochure of a manufacturer of food supplements.

Design of illustrations on different types of food such as fish, fast food, fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese, bread, etc. for a brochure on healthy and balanced eating.

Joining the graphics in the illustration of a food pyramid, which shows nutritional recommendations of food groups with quantity ratios. At the top of the pyramid are foods that are recommended in small amounts, at the base of the pyramid are foods that should be consumed preferentially.

Content: 10 Illustrations nutrition

Utilization: Info Brochures

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Client: KW Medipoint

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Cheese -Nutrition types
Fruits – Nutrition types
Fastfood – Nutrition types
sport und bewegung
Illustration sport and exercise
Illustrations diet vegetables
Ernährung - Alkohol
Diet – Alcohol
Erbsen - Ernährung
Peas – diet
Fisch - Ernährung
Fish – diet
Gemüse - Ernährung
Vegetables – nutrition
Nüsse - Ernährung
Nuts – diet
Olivenöl - Ernährung
Olive oil – diet
Rotes Fleisch - Ernährung
Red meat – diet
Süßigkeiten - Ernährung
Sweets – diet
Vollkornbrot - Ernährung
Dark bread – diet
Weißbrot - Ernährung
White bread – nutrition
Illustration Ernährungspyramide