Portfolio medical and anatomical illustrations and graphics

MedicalGraphics specialized in the individual design of medical images. In the section "Free Images" you will also find a number of “stock-images” that you can use for free or license. We create illustrations either based on 3D models (example for 3D illustration), 2D graphics in "vector or Illustrator look" (example for 2D vector illustration) and also drawn or painted illustrations (example to drawn illustration). Depending on the target group and the topic of the illustrations, one of the implementation types is suitable. We will be happy to advise you in all aspects.

What do medical illustrations and graphics cost?

The effort for the design of illustrations can be very different. This depends on the type of illustration (3D / drawn), the complexity of the images and the scope of the project. Therefore, a flat cost estimate that applies to all projects is difficult to make. However, as a rule of thumb the cost of a medical / anatomical illustration often ranges from € 300-900.

In order to answer your request as accurately as possible, we have formulated a number of preliminary questions whose answers would help us a lot. We will gladly provide you with a cost estimate or a specific offer.

Skizze medizinische Bilder

Here you will find a number of preliminary questions whose answers will help us in assessing a request.

Description of the various phases of the project when creating a medical illustration or graphic.

Publications without imaging in print or web are hard to imagine. Especially with medical issues, it is not easy to find adequate and appealing illustrations for the topic or find suitable images to explain complex structures. We present here some of the typical applications of our medical illustrations.