3D Animation safety port needle

Film about the application and function of a safety port needle (EZ Huber – Safety Port Needle) for the punctuation of implanted port catheters.

Rights of use visual material: PFM Medical AG
Music: Kevin McLeod – As I figure – License: Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0)

3D animation showing the use of a safety infusion cannula. The cannula has a safety mechanism to reduce possible needlestick injuries to the user and thus protects against infections. When the cannula is pulled out, a safety mechanism is activated: an audible clicking sound signals to the user that the cannula is securely locked in the housing.

In addition, a protective sheath completely encloses the cannula when it is withdrawn from the port and after use, protecting the user from contact with the patient’s body fluids and pathogens and thus preventing cross-contamination.

Content: 3D animation for the use of the safety cannula “Biobag”. Language German, English.

Utilization: Medical fairs, Internet, Youtube

Specifications: Full HD – Resolution 1920*1080 pixel

Client: pfm medical

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.

Images animation safety port needle:

Safety port cannulas
Safety port cannulas for puncture of port catheters
safety cannula
Safety port needle
Protection against contamination
Protection against contamination with a safety port cannula