Illustration surgery coccyx fistula

Illustration of the surgical result of a coccygeal fistula six weeks after the operation using "pit-picking" with a laser fibers in comparison to an conventional surgery.

Coccygeal fistula removal is a surgical technique used to treat an abscess that occurs in the coccyx area. This condition, known as a pilonidal cyst, usually develops when hair and debris become lodged in a small pit or depression in the skin. Over time, the area can become infected and form a painful abscess.

Pit picking is a minimally invasive procedure in which the contents of the sinus or cyst are removed by needle, blade or laser fiber. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is quick and relatively painless. Once the contents of the sinus or cyst are removed, the wound is allowed to heal naturally in hopes that the area will close and no longer be susceptible to infection.

In some cases, however, it may be necessary to surgically remove the area or close it with sutures (flapoplasty) to prevent future infections.

For our client Biolitec AG, we created two illustrations that compare the results of surgeries using flap surgery and pit-picking via laser.

Project details:

Content: Two illustrations (“OP result pit-picking” and “OP result flap surgery”)

Utilization: Print- und Online

Specifications: 9300 * 7000 Pixel

Client: Biolitec AG

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Coccygeal fistula
Outcome surgery flap surgery – Treatment coccygeal fistula
Laser surgery coccyx - pit-picking
Laser surgery coccyx – pit-picking