Stereoscopic 3D movie “lipometabolism”

Project description of anaglyph stereoscopic 3D movie on lipometabolism.

 Within a video production covering the effects of different substances on human lipometabolism, our client wanted an anaglyph, stereoscopic version of the film. He decided to use red/cyan glasses for the video to be able to use the video in as many purposes as possible and avoid more expensive solutions like shutter or polarized glasses.


In the following production the existing 3d scenes were filmed with a second, slightly shifted camera. Other scenes were edited in the post production, where the different layers of a scene were separated and colorized to achieve a stereoscopic effect.

Some of the scenes needed a redesign in story and camera work, to obtain a better 3D solution. Final step was an intense color grading process to separate the content more clearly for the corresponding eye.

Our customer did not approve a public display of this project, therefore the shown pictures are only examples.

The 3D effect can be seen with standard red/cyan glasses. The effect may vary greatly depending on the color calibration of the monitor.

3D-glasses - HI-Virus in vessel
3D-glasses – HI-Virus in vessel