Animation about the anatomy of the ear

Animation about the anatomy and functioning of the ear.

Animation “How the Ear Works”. Description of the anatomical structures and function of the elements. Visualization of the conversion of sound into electrical impulses between eardrum and the cochlea. Information film for patients – Length ~15 minutes

Content: Films DE + EN

Utilization: Patient information for internet

Specifications: 720 * 576 Pixel

Client: Dimensional / IQWIG /

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.


Link to the animation “How does the ear work” on Youtube (external link)

Screenshots film:

aufbau mittelohr

Grafiphic of the anatomy of the middle ear

hoerschnecke cochlea

Illustration ogf the cochlea

schall trommelfell cochlea

Illustration about sound transmission between the eardrum and cochlea

mittelohr viren entzuendung

Graphic on inflammation in the middle ear

Anatomy of the ear
Anatomy of the ear