Illustration anatomy tonsils

Illustration about anatomy and situs of the tonsils.

Design of two illustrations about the location of the tonsils in the body.

The first view shows a sagittal section through the head based on a sectional view with the pharyngeal tonsils (Tonsilla pharyngealis), palatine tonsils (Tonsilla palatina) and lingual tonsils (Tonsilla lingualis). In most cases, however, only the palatine tonsils are meant when speaking of tonsils of the body.

The second illustration shows the palatine tonsils by looking into the mouth area.

Content: Illustration situs tonsils

Utilization: Patient information website

Specifications: 800 * 600 pixel

Client: Dimensional / – IQWIG

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Sagittal section head with tonsils
Mouth view
Mouth view – tonsils