Illustrations heart anatomy

Illustrations about the anatomy of the human heart with some graphics focus on presentation of coronary vessels.

Various anatomical illustrations of cardiac anatomy (ventricle, atrium, sulcus interventricularis paraconalis, aorta, pulmonary trunk, brachiocephalic trunk, pulmonary vein, ramus circumflexus (RCX), anterior interventricular ramus, coronary artery dextra (RCA))

Content: 32 illustrations

Utilization: Website, picture agencies

Specifications: 7016*4964 Pixel

Client: MedicalGraphics

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heart coronary vessels

Coronary vessels (focus on Ramus interventricularis anterior)

Heart behind atria pulmonary veins vena cava

Heart behind (focus: atria, pulmonary veins, vena cava)

Anatomy heart left
Anatomy heart left