Drawn medical illustrations – acne inversa

Drawn illustrations to classify the severity of acne inversa disease (Hurley I to Hurley III)

Design of 3 illustrations for the classification of severity levels in acne Inversa disease in the armpit. There are three degrees of severity graded from Hurley I (single abscesses, no scarring or fistula tracts) to Hurley 3 (flat abscesses, fistula tracts and scar bands). The style of the illustrations picks up on the look of existing pictures drawn with acrylic paint. Its coloring and appearance should not be a deterrent to the difficult topic of a skin disease. The pictures were digitally painted on an iPad and Apple Pencil with Procreate.

Content: 3 illustrations

Utilization: Teaching Materials, Website, PowerPoint

Specifications: DIN A5 (2480*1748 px)

Client: Recucare

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with MedicalGraphics. The images are protected with a watermark.

Acne Inversa - Severity Hurley I
Acne Inversa – Severity Hurley I
akne inversa hurley2
Acne Inversa – Severity Hurley II
akne inversa hurley3
Acne Inversa – Severity Hurley III
skizzen mediznische zeichnung akne inversa
Development of the finished image content with the help of sketches. Determine the anatomy and detail for optimal identification of the affected body region