Animation contraceptive loop

3D animation about the "application and mode-of-action of a contraceptive loop".

Instructional video for gynecologists in the form of a 3D animation showing the individual steps for the correct application of a hormonal IUD. The animation explains the individual steps from the correct preparation of the IUD and the insertion tool, the adaptation of the tool to the anatomical conditions to the final positioning in the uterus.

Content: 3D animation contraceptive loop

Utilization: Trade fair, medical conferences, internet

Specifications: Full-HD (1920×1080 pixel)

Client: nda

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.

Contraceptive loop
Contraceptive loop
Retract hormonal intrauterine device in insertion tube
Insert hormonal intrauterine device through cervix
Move IUD to end postion in uterus
Handle – release hormonal intrauterine device
Cut threads of IUD