Thrombus in left atrium

3D animation of a heart in 4-chamber view with a visualization of a thrombus in the left atrium.

An atrial thrombus is a blood clot that has formed in the atria of the heart. Atrial thrombi often occur in people with heart disease, especially atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rhythm disorder.

In the animation, a thrombus is shown in the left atrium. It breaks loose, travels from the left ventricle into the aorta and via the carotid artery into the brain. There it blocks a blood vessel supplying the brain and triggers a stroke.

Project details:

Content: Medical animation thrombus in heart atrium.

Utilization: Fairs, congresses, internet

Specifications: 480 * 360 pixel

Client: nda

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.

Atrial thrombus
Atrial thrombus