TV clip “hyperthyroidism”

Project description of an animation for an information campaign covering hyperthyroidism for TV.

Publicis Health is part of the Publicis Healthcare Communications Group (PHCG) – the biggest, international healthcare-network with 2.700 employees world wide.
For an information campaign covering hyperthyroidism for one of its clients Publicis needed a film in PAL-TV resolution, to explain the main aspects of this disease in an easy and appealing way. The film would be broadcast on TV and also on the Internet.

In the design stage of the production it quickly became evident that the film would best be partitioned in 3 parts: healthy thyroid, sick thyroid, treated thyroid.

Storyboard hyperthyroidism
Storyboard hyperthyroidism

Storyboards were created to determine production and the rquired 3D models were built. One of the focal points of the design process was to create an attractive surrounding for the whole film. Medicalgraphics used special particle software to achieve a lively background that supported the key issues with different color and animation styles.

Healthy thyroid gland - frontal
Healthy thyroid gland – frontal

The final production was split into 3 films, each with a length of approx. 1:30 minutes and were delivered to Publicis in different video formats.

The rights of use for the illustrations shown here lie with the client; use is not permitted. The images are protected with watermarks.

Transparent human with thyroid gland
Transparent human with thyroid gland