Medical 3D animation “Esophagectomy”

Project description about a surgery for patients with an esophageal carcinoma.

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The St.VincenzGruppe with 2,200 employees and 1067 beds support various hospitals and health centers in the Ruhrgebiet. To explain the complex surgical intervention of the “complete laparoscopic, thoracoscopic Ivor Lewis esophagectomy” the St. Anna Hospital Herne required a way to explain the procedure to patients. Also Dr. Albayrak as the leading surgeon wanted a way to show his procedure at educational events and lectures. Within this surgery the esophagus is partically removed and parts of the stomach take over its function.

Description Esophagectomy:

Esophageal carcinoma
Esophageal carcinoma


 This operation is performed among others in patients whose esophagus is affected by a cancer. During the surgical procedure parts of the esophagus are removed , and the upper part of the stomach is converted to the esophagus (gastric pull-up).

Resection stomach with "Stapler"
Resection stomach with “Stapler”


Because the entire procedure is performed endoscopically , a description of the operation using real film would would have been inadequate to accomplish. In addition, the different entry points into the patient’s body and the different bearings should be imparted in the course of the operation. For this reason, the customer it was decided to implement the OP as a 3D animation by Medical Graphics .

Mobilization esophagus
Mobilization esophagus

The first step of implementation consisted of defining the individual steps of the surgical procedure, including the spatial position ozf the relavant structures. A text script was developed in close collaboration with Dr. Albayrak and served as a basis for further steps in the production. You will find a more information on the individual project phases in our description of exemplary project phases for an animation productions.

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