Electrical conduction system heart (QTVR)

Explorable application (QTVR) for heart stimulation, including sinus nodes, atrioventricular carnages, HIS bundles, Tawara limbs and Purkinje fibers.

Design of animations on the excitation conduction system of the heart. This is a complex network of specialized cells that generate and transmit electrical signals to coordinate the heartbeat. The heartbeat is initiated at the sinus node in the right atrium. From there, the electrical excitation spreads through the atria and reaches the AV node, which slows the excitation before it is transmitted to the ventricles. The excitation then propagates through the bundle His and Purkinje fibers into walls of the heart chambers (ventricles), causing them to contract and pump blood into the circulation.

The animation was implemented in the form of a Quicktime VR animation. By moving the mouse, the heart and the conduction can be viewed in the app from all directions (from 18 directions at 16 levels in height).

Project details:

Content: QTVR animation about electrical conduction system of the human heart (16 levels in the Y axis, 20 degrees rotation steps).

Utilization: Training, internet

Specifications: 640 * 480 pixel

Client: nda

The rights of use of the illustrations shown are with the respective clients.

Electrical conduction system heart
Electrical conduction system heart